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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Azure Government and why did gcc build it?

Azure Government, with its Azure AD infrastructure was created later. By that time, GCC had already secured the necessary compliance certifications (for example, FedRAMP Moderate and CJIS) to meet Federal, State, and Local government requirements while serving hundreds of thousands of customers.

Can I manage Azure government subscriptions in Azure AD government?

No, the ability to manage Azure Government subscriptions requires identities sourced from a directory in Azure AD Government. Check out the Azure Government developer guide and build your first application! For supplemental information and updates, subscribe to the Microsoft Azure Government blog.

Does Office 365 GCC support two Azure AD tenants?

Now, many Office 365 GCC customers have two Azure AD tenants: one from the Azure AD subscription that supports Office 365 GCC and the other from their Azure Government subscription with identities in both. How do I identify an Azure Government tenant?

How are Power Apps US government services deployed to Azure Active Directory?

The Power Apps US Government services are deployed to Microsoft Azure Government. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is not part of the Power Apps US Government accreditation boundary, but takes a reliance on a customer's Azure AD tenant for customer tenant and identity functions, including authentication, federated authentication, and licensing.

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