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Frequently Asked Questions

How to capture trace from within Azure portal?

If you ever need to capture trace from within the Azure Portal to troubleshoot an issue, here are the steps required to do that. Login to the portal here. Navigate to the step just prior to where the issue is happening. Press F5 or refresh. Press F12 to start the browser Developer Tools (IE and Edge)

Where can I download network trace from Azure App service?

Whenever the specified conditions are met, the Auto-Healing feature of Azure App Service will collect the network trace and you’ll be able to download the Network Trace from the Kudu Console for your app.

How to collect network Trace via autohealing in azure?

From the Azure Portal ( ), open the Web App on which you want to collect the network trace via Auto-healing. At this point, the Collect-Network-Trace active directory app has ARM permissions to the web app on which network trace need to be collected. Download the CollectNetworkTrace.exe.

How to stop recording network log in Azure portal?

Select the Network tab, then select Stop recording network log and Clear. Select Record network log, then reproduce the issue in the portal. You will see session output similar to the following image. After you have reproduced the unexpected portal behavior, select Stop recording network log, then select Export HAR and save the file.

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