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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to tracert from Azure Windows and Linux VMS?

BUt i realized i cant tracert or traceroute from Azure Windows and Linux VMs respectively. Is there any way i can do that? When packet enters Azure Network, it gets blocked at few hops. As mentioned in the blog: " it blocks some part of the route, maybe when it hits the datacenter. "

What to look for in traceroute from Azure VM to on premise public IP?

My target is to find the hops ip travelled by the traffic form azure Vms to my dataceter. Host is up (0.18s latency). This is the expected output when you use NMAP. Can you let me know what exactly you are looking for so that I can help you ?

How can I check if my VM is connected in azure?

On the Azure portal, navigate to Azure Network Watcher and under Network Diagnostic Tools click on Connectivity Check. Once there, you can specify the Source and Destination VM and click the “Check” button to begin the connectivity check. A status indicating reachable or unreachable is returned once the connectivity check completes.

How to stop recording network log in Azure portal?

Select the Network tab, then select Stop recording network log and Clear. Select Record network log, then reproduce the issue in the portal. You will see session output similar to the following image. After you have reproduced the unexpected portal behavior, select Stop recording network log, then select Export HAR and save the file.

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