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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word Baggot?

Baggot. a word derived from "faggot" and " baguette ". used as an insult to replace faggot for comedic effect, or when your girlfriend doesnt like you making fun of queers. usually said in a loud, slightly higher than normally pitched voice starting quickly and ending just as abruptly.

Where did King Baggot do most of his work?

Baggot began his career on the stage in a Shakespearean stock company and toured throughout the U.S. Following his first engagement, he performed under the management of Liebler and Company, one of the foremost producing companies at that time.

Who is Jim Baggott and what does he do?

Baggott is a regular contributor to New Scientist and Nature. Debate between Baggott and Mike Duff about the limits of physics – The Guardian, 2013. ^ a b c d Colanduno, Derek.

How many sons did Robert Baggot have?

They had one son, Robert King Baggot (July 11, 1914 – May 18, 1965). A cameraman, he died in Hawaii, while working on a movie. Robert King Baggot had two sons, cinematographer Stephen King Baggot (born 1943) and Bruce Baggot (born 1947).

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