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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is James Baggott?

James Edward Baggott (born 2 March 1957) is a British science writer living in Reading, Berkshire, England who writes about science, philosophy and science history.

What does Dr Baggot treat?

From menstrual problems to menopause, he diagnoses and treats the full spectrum of women’s health conditions with a personalized and compassionate approach. Dr. Baggot also provides thorough prenatal care and can manage high-risk pregnancies.

What did Baggott say about science?

In an interview with Massimo Pigliucci on the Rationally Thinking podcast, Baggott stated that science is a human endeavour with a "fuzziness around the edges". He went on to say that there are no rules and, when training to be a scientist, no one gives you an instruction book on how to do science.

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