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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word bagman?

Bagman. A bagman (or bag man) is a person or paymaster designated to collect or distribute illicitly gained money (" dirty money "), such as bribes to public officials, or money that is collected in a criminal enterprise, such as a " protection racket " or in the running of a numbers racket. A bagman may also act as an intermediary in such...

Can the bagman find his way back home?

To this day, the Bagman continues to try to find his way back home. Every single night, he emerges from a random Bag of Holding in hopes to make his return. If he does not recognize this as his home, he will pull someone near the bag into it never to be heard from again.

What does a bagman do in a gang?

In organized crime, a bagman may be involved in protection rackets or the numbers game, collecting or distributing the money involved. When acting as an intermediary in such activities, a bagman may also be called a delivery boy or running man, and may receive a fraction of the money collected.

What happened to the bagman?

His body stretched and warped. His skin grayed, his nails grew sharp and blackened, and his limbs grew stretched and gangly. The adventurer was no longer himself… This tall, sickly creature would come to be known as the BagMan. What Does the BagMan do? To this day, the Bagman continues to try to find his way back home.

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