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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word Baixar?

baixar (first-person singular present indicative baixo, past participle baixado) (transitive) to lower (to move something to a lower position) (intransitive) to lower; to go down (to go to a lower position)

What is the meaning of the word Baixo?

baixo m (plural baixos) (music) bass (instrument that plays in the bass range) (by extension) bassist (musician who plays the bass) Synonym: baixista. depression, hollow (of land or an object) Synonym: depressão. (in the plural) basement (of a house) Synonym: porão.

What's the difference between Baixar and past participle?

baixar (first-person singular present baixo, past participle baixat) (transitive) to lower (make lower) (intransitive) to lower (become lower) (transitive) to download

Which is the first person singular form of Baixar?

baixar (first-person singular present baixo, first-person singular preterite baixei, past participle baixado) to lower. first-person and third-person singular future subjunctive of. first-person and third-person singular personal infinitive of.

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