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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the owners of Bakers Delight in Australia?

Still proudly family-owned and operated by joint CEOs Elise Gillespie & David Christie, Bakers Delight is now Australia’s most successful bakery franchise and can be found in more than 700 locations across Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

Where can I find Bakers Delight near me?

Use our store locator to find a Bakers Delight bakery near you, trading hours and more. Compare Favourites Find a bakery Loading... Print Log In Username or email *

Why are the bakers delights in Darwin closing?

Bakers Delight joint chief executive Elise Gillespie told News that they weren’t able to keep the stores profitable. 'Unfortunately, with the economic climate in Darwin, we haven't been able to sustain businesses,’ she said. 'Across bakeries in Darwin the last few years foot traffic has dropped quite considerably.

What kind of bread is at Bakers Delight AU?

So, get ready to snuggle up with this belly-warming Cheese & Bacon Quiche in our White Cob. Recipe link in bio Cooler weather is coming! So, get ready to snuggle Introducing our Iced Raspberry & Passionfruit Scone! Filled with real raspberries, passionfruit and topped with passionfruit cream cheese icing.

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