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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best date Scone to buy?

The best scone from any bakers is this date variety from Bakers Delight. I dont even butter it but do like it warmed in the oven. Full of dates and baked just right to make a delicious any time snack. Love the date scones. Nice texture and incomparable to other shop bought scones.

Why are scones made from scratch at the bakery?

Thats why our Scones are made from scratch, and baked fresh every day. Why not try these in-bakery?

How to make a 6 pack of scones?

Mix and match your favourites to create the ultimate Scone 6-Pack! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Rate… Perfect Good Average Not that bad Very poor THAT'S FRESH! Were committed to delighting you and your family Thats why our Scones are made from scratch, and baked fresh every day.

What kind of bread is at Bakers Delight AU?

So, get ready to snuggle up with this belly-warming Cheese & Bacon Quiche in our White Cob. Recipe link in bio Cooler weather is coming! So, get ready to snuggle Introducing our Iced Raspberry & Passionfruit Scone! Filled with real raspberries, passionfruit and topped with passionfruit cream cheese icing.

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