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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the head office of Bakers Delight?

Bakers Delight Holdings Ltd is a locally-owned unlisted public company, deriving revenue from the operation of franchises and company-owned bakeries. The company employs approximately 440 people, operates in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States, and is administered from its head office in Camberwell, Victoria.

What kind of products does Bakers Delight sell?

The company operates through the Bakers Delight and COBS Bread brands. Bakers Delight sells products including, but not limited to: IBISWorld provides company profiles on the top 2,000 organisations that drive Australia’s economy.

Where can I buy Bakers Delight bread in Australia?

Bakers Delight and COBS Bread can now be found in more than 700 locations across Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand. That’s a lot of bread being baked fresh and delivered to a lot of happy customers. The launch of the Wholegrain LowFOD™ Loaf was a game changer for Australians with food intolerances.

When did Bakers Delight open their first Canadian store?

Bakers Delight claims back-to-back Australian Franchise System of the Year awards. These prestigious awards (presented by the Franchise Council of Australia) recognise excellence in franchising – an honour we happily shared with our dedicated network of Franchisees. In November, we opened our first Canadian store under the COBS Bread brand.

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