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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Bowl Claus got Ball State?

Then, after traveling around the entire country in one night spreading bowl season cheer, Bowl Claus heads to Montgomery, Alabama, and the Cramton Bowl so he can watch the Camellia Bowl in person. It's his last gift to us all, and this year Bowl Claus is giving us Ball State and Georgia State.

How will the Georgia State-Ball State game be decided?

The game will be decided on the ground: These teams are evenly matched in many ways, but the significant difference is Georgia State's rushing attack against Ball State's rush defense. The Panthers run the ball 62. 3% of the time, which is the eighth-highest rate in the country. They're also good at it, averaging 5.

How does Georgia State's Camellia Bowl appearance stack up against Ball State?

This Camellia Bowl appearance is the program's third straight postseason appearance and fifth bowl game overall. On the other hand, Georgia State has never finished a season better than 7-5. The Panthers enter this game with a mark of 7-5, meaning a win over Ball State would give the program its first eight-win season in its short history.

Will Ball State be able to slow down Georgia State's rushing attack?

I don't think Ball State will slow down the Georgia State rushing attack as much as it needs to. If you look at the teams Ball State struggled with during the regular season, they were the teams that could run the ball.

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