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Frequently Asked Questions

What best describes a ballad?

Ballad has several meanings. For one, a ballad is a popular song that often tells a story. These ballads are distinguished by such features as few characters, dramatic plots, and may include dialogue, as well as action. There are a number of ballad folk songs, notably “John Henry,” “The Ballad of the Tea Party,” “Edward,” “Lord...

What are the rules of a ballad?

Like any good story, a ballad should have a beginning, middle, and end, with a powerful climax or realization in the latter half of the poem. The climax could be the most dramatic thing that happened to the speaker or the main character.

What are the features of a ballad?

A ballad is a long poem in short stanzas that tells a story. They can be humorous, romantic, or adventurous. They usually have a simple rhyme scheme, like couplets or abcb. In the English tradition, they are four line stanzas with alternating 4 and 3 beat lines.

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