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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you contact Bank of America?

CONTACT BANK OF AMERICA, NA. The main phone number for Bank Of America, Na is 800-446-0135. The assigned Federal Reserve Office for Bank Of America, Na is Fed 071000301.

Why is Bank of America closing accounts?

The primary reason why people who have their accounts in Bank of America, close it is the charge they make for non-maintenance of the balance. If you don't maintain the right amount of balance in your Bank of America, account then you might end up paying hundreds of dollars as a fine.

Does Bank of America offer 2nd Chance banking?

There are even some big banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America who offer second chance banking. Prepaid Debit Cards - A prepaid debit card acts very similarly to a regular debit card. The difference is you usually do have to pay a monthly fee of a few dollars.

What is the minimum deposit for Bank of America?

Initial Deposits. Bank of America, in a similar fashion to many other banks around the country, requires a minimum initial deposit in order to activate your account. For example, the basic-level checking account offered through Bank of America requires a $25 initial minimum deposit, while the more feature-rich checking account,...

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