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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the owners of bank of Queensland?

About us. Bank of Queensland (BOQ) is one of Australia's leading regional banks. We're also among the few still not owned by one of the big banks. At BOQ, most of our branches are run by local Owner-Managers. This means they're running a small business and understand what it means to deliver personal service.

What is the BSB code for bank of Queensland?

A BSB Number is a six-digit number used to identify the individual branches of an Australian financial institution "Bank of Queensland Limited". The BSB code is used in addition to the bank account number to identify the recipient of a transfer.

Where can I Find my Bank of Queensland number?

Find your Bank of Queensland Limited Bank BSB number in the table below. No. Branch State BSB Number 1 420 George Street QLD 122-321 2 Private Bank Relationship Manager QLD 122-362 3 Midland QLD 122-547 4 Byron Bay QLD 122-701 24 more rows ...

What does Bank of Queensland boqf stand for?

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of Queensland Limited specialising in asset, cash flow and structured finance solutions. BOQF is a mid-market financier providing deep industry and product skills to its partner base servicing over 100,000 customers across seven dedicated lines of business.

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