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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of loans does Bank of Queensland offer?

They offer a variety of financial products including personal loans, home loans, personal banking and credit cards. Bank of Queensland offer unsecured personal loans at both fixed and variable rates as well as a personal loan that can be secured against your mortgage.

Can a bank of Queensland home loan be redraw?

Some Bank of Queensland mortgages come with a 100% offset account, depending on the product and your borrowing situation. Some of BOQ's home loans like the Bank of Queensland Economy Home Loan come with a redraw facility. How do I apply for a Bank of Queensland mortgage?

What's the interest rate on a bank of Qld home loan?

There is no minimum loan amount Interest only repayments are allowed BOQ only allows a short-term facility, with a six-month maximum term The interest rate is around 2% higher than the standard variable rate

How many branches does Bank of Queensland have?

Bank of Queensland lender profile With more 160 branches across Australia, BOQ has been doing business since 1874. BOQ is a leading regional bank that is not owned by any of the Big Four banks. BOQ is completely independent and offers a range of personal banking products and services.

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