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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of bank of Queensland?

Bank of Queensland CEO George Frazis has released $75 million in provisions as economic conditions improve. The lender has been taken to court and charged with false and misleading behaviour and breaches of the Credit Act. Australia’s largest credit union has offloaded its insurance division in preparation for company-changing acquisitions.

Why did ME Bank take over Boq bank?

Suncorp’s banking arm is hoping to grow lending but analysts have been eyeing the costs of its branch footprint. ME Bank’s board agreed to pay its industry super shareholders a $60 million dividend for the first time ever, just weeks after the BOQ takeover was agreed.

Is the bank of Queensland in a recession?

Bank of Queensland's CEO says mortgage applications have returned to pre-COVID levels as confidence returns and first home buyers take advantage of record-low interest rates. The Bank of Queensland has increased its provision for loan impairments as it braces for higher unemployment, property price falls and a longer recession.

How many branches does Bank of Queensland have?

The 159-branch lender partly points the finger at Australia Post as the root cause of the document distribution problems. Virgin Money has finally emerged from its cocoon at Bank of Queensland with a market-leading banking platform and a product suite to rival most major banks.

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