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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the North Sydney bank of Queensland established?

North Sydney branch was established on 4th August 2005, with which Bank of Queensland has been around for more than 120 years.

How to contact Boq Bank of Queensland FCO?

If you find a transaction on your account statement which you do not recognise or believe to be incorrect please contact your local branch or 1300 55 72 72 to investigate. BOQ’s dedicated Financial Crimes Operations (FCO) team helps protect customers against fraud and scams.

How to contact the bank of Queensland finance?

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact the BOQF Sales Centre on 1300 734 930. If you have any questions concerning a Dell system or order you have placed please access the customer service contact details.

Who is the owner of Boq North Sydney?

As the owner of BOQ North Sydney what's exciting about that for me is that I can treat you the way a bank manager should – as someone you can consult, obtain advice from and access some of the most competitive financial products in the marketplace offered by one of Australia's oldest financial institutions.

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