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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BankMobile vibe debit card?

If the choice is the BankMobile Vibe Account service, the card will function as a MasterCard debit card that is accepted by over 24 million merchants worldwide. Cardholders can get cash from ATMs, write checks, send and receive money electronically from their accounts, and monitor the details of their accounts online.

What is BankMobile vibe?

The BankMobile Vibe account is an optional account designed specifically for students with access to the largest fee-free ATM network, money management tools and a one-of-a-kind recognition program.

What is BankMobile disbursements?

About BankMobile Disbursements. BankMobile Disbursements provides Refund Management®, an industry-leading service that processes and disburses financial aid credit balances to students on behalf of college and university administrations and offers an optional checking account for students.

What is bank mobile vibe?

BankMobile Vibe is a new checking account being marketed directly to students. If you think BankMobile is the best fit for you, consider diving deeper into the benefits, features and drawbacks of their services. If you're not sure on what BankMobile Vibe is and want to learn more, continue reading below to get an overview!

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