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Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses are going bankrupt?

Getty/Scott Olson 50 US retailers filed for bankruptcy in 2017, and more bankruptcies are on the horizon. Companies most likely to default within the next year include Sears, Vince, Bebe, Stein Mart, and Destination Maternity, according to an analysis by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

How can you tell if you are bankrupt?

How to Determine if a Party has Filed for Bankruptcy. To find out if a person or business has filed for bankruptcy, you may do one of the following: Stop by the Clerk's Office (Public Kiosks) Call our Voice Case Information Systems (McVCIS) Sign Up for Electronic Record Access via Internet (PACER)

When to declare bankruptcy?

The word "bankruptcy" is legal term used when a person or organization declares that they are unable to pay their creditors, or that their ability to do so is impaired. In most cases, the person or organization will declare bankruptcy voluntarily.

What states are near bankruptcy?

A Pew Center report says 10 states are near bankruptcy. They are: Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, California, and Wisconsin. • Unbalanced economies. States that depend on a particular industry or two, such as automobiles or home construction,...

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