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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the Grim Reaper by Banksy painted?

One of the most infamous of Bristol graffiti artist Banksy's works is The Grim reaper. Originally painted on the side of the Thekla Social boat moored in Bristol harbour, the decision was taken to remove the work to protect it from damage and wear and it is now on display in Bristol's M Shed (on long term loan from The Thekla).

What do you think of the Grin Reaper?

Grin Reaper is a haunting image that is at once friendly and sinister. If you would like to sell your Banksy art, the Grin Reaper is a highly desirable and valuable screen print that will be an iconic addition to any collection.

What does the clock on Banksy's Grin mean?

The clock, imitating London’s iconic Big Ben, reads five minutes to midnight, as if the Reaper is waiting for the hour to strike before carrying out his morbid duties. The flat, yellow smiley face stands out as the only brightly coloured element of the whole screen print.

Where can I see Banksy's graffiti in Bristol?

Bristol's home-grown and anonymous graffiti artist Banksy is known all across the world for his satirical, anti-establishment and thought-provoking street art. Several pieces remain in various locations around Bristol, so you would be a fool not to see his amazing work firsthand.

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