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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Barbados a poor country?

Barbados is the most prosperous country in the Caribbean region. Education is free and compulsory for children under the age of 16 and healthcare is easily accessible. Despite this, Barbados is a country caught between modernity and poverty: Barbadians live with the problems associated with developed countries as well as those of poor countries.

What is the major religion of Barbados?

Religion in Barbados. Majority of the population are Protestants out of which dominant strains are Anglicans, Pentecostal and Methodist. About 4% of the population is Roman Catholic. Cuba is a nation of culture, a nation of history and a nation of fun.

Is Barbados a nice place for a vacation?

First of all, Barbados is a very safe place to visit, it is an small island, Barbadians are a great people, very polite where ever you go. I rented a car, and I traveled most of the places you can visit in the island. Really there are not too mucho to see.

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