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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in the Barossa wine estate?

Discover, Experience, Explore the great reds of the definitive barossa wine estate. Come and lose yourself in the breath-taking beauty of Australia’s largest perennial gardens. Be swept away by the vistas of the valley below.

What kind of wine is Barossa Valley Mourvedre?

Its name is an exquisite mouthful – and so is this wine. It may be hard to pronounce, but it’s easy to love. Fragrant violet with a burst of red berryfruits lingering softly on a velvety texture.

What kind of Shiraz is in the Barossa Valley?

Shiraz. Shiraz is quite the celebrity. The Barossa Valley created, and is still home to the greatest Shiraz in the world. Alluring exotic spice with vibrant flavours of red plum and fresh blackberry. Shiraz captures us with its striking presence, bold but elegant style and exotic accent, leaving an indelible impression.

What was the history of the Barossa region?

The European heritage and history of the Barossa isn’t sitting on a dusty bookshelf or locked away in a dark cupboard. It’s a living, dynamic fibre, woven through the everyday life of our region, with roots stretching back, unbroken into nineteenth century Europe.

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