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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of climate does the Barossa Valley have?

The Barossa Valley is typified by gentle rolling hills and valleys. Plenty of sunshine on the deeper valley soils promote healthy vine growth, but excess vigour is often restricted by shallow soil and a lack of water holding capacity. The main viticultural hazard for the Barossa Valley is drought.

Why are the wines from the Barossa Valley so good?

The increase in elevation makes Eden a distinctly cooler climate, leading to the wines with a tart, intense acidity. Acidity is an important trait for age-worthiness in wines, and thus, some of the most age-worthy Barossa wines are from Eden Valley (or have Eden Valley fruit blended in).

What are the three grounds in the Barossa Valley?

The Project identified three distinctive Grounds within the Barossa Valley Region – Northern Grounds, Central Grounds and Southern Grounds. Two smaller grounds, Eastern Edge and Western Ridge, are also acknowledged. This opens in a new window.

Which is larger Eden Valley or Barossa Valley?

Barossa is the larger encompassing area for 2 sub-regions (Geographical Indications or “GIs” for short), called Barossa Valley and Eden Valley. Despite the proximity to each other these two areas, they produce recognizably different styles of wines.

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