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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my golden barrel cactus freeze?

Where you site your golden barrel will affect how much cold it actually experiences versus what the thermometer says. Cold air sinks, so if you put your cactus at the bottom of a slope or in a small ravine where colder air flows, it will be more likely to freeze.

Do cacti freeze in Arizona?

Cacti are among the best known warm-weather plants, so you may be surprised to hear about freeze damage to cactus. But even in summer toasty regions of Arizona, temperatures can dip down to below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 C.) in winter.

How to grow and care for barrel cactus?

Caring for barrel cactus is quite easy and it makes a great plant for the beginning gardener. Site, water, soil, and container are key to how to grow barrel cactus.

Why is my barrel cactus not producing fruit?

Adequate water in spring may cause the plant to produce a large yellow flower. Rarely the plant will then grow an edible fruit. The cactus naturally grows in low fertility areas so their nutrient needs are low. Fertilize the barrel cactus once a year in spring when it leaves dormancy and begins growing again.

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