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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare soil for barrel cactus?

Soil Requirements: Cactus prefer moist soil, and sometimes, rot in wet soil conditions. To prepare a soil mixture for barrel cactus, sterilize a commercial soil mixture in the oven at 180ºF for 30 minutes. Then, add 2 parts of this commercial soil mix with 1 part of gravel or sand, and add perlite.

What kind of pots do you use for barrel cactus?

Prepared cactus mixes are suitable for growing barrel cactus. Unglazed pots are best for potted cactus because they allow the evaporation of excess water. Water is a very important component to caring for barrel cactus.

What is a barrel cactus called?

Barrel Cactus Genus: Ferocactus Ferocactus, meaning "fierce or wild cactus," are always cylindrical or barrel shaped and are usually among the largest cacti of the North American deserts. All members of this genus have prominent ribs and are fiercely armed with heavy spines.

How to pot a cactus plant?

The process of potting a cactus plant starts with finding the right pot size and potting mix. Make sure the pot and soil have good drainage. Once you have the two, add sufficient drainage material at the bottom of your pot, fill it to about one-third with your potting material and start arranging your plants in the container.

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