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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cracker Barrel doing for its 50th anniversary?

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, Cracker Barrel is proud to celebrate some of country music's most talented female singers and shine a spotlight on the next generation.

How do you progress through the seeker Sentinel puzzle?

The teleportation has proven useful for progressing through the puzzle, as you are sometimes teleported next to the door. The damage dealt by the Seeker sentinel is also less than many puzzles. In this room, there are 4 sleeping brute guards and each of them has a key that can possibly unlock a door.

What puzzles have one or more transferable resources?

A list of puzzles with one or more transferable resources: Fishing ferret - Vile fish. Hunter ferret - traps. Three statue weapon/Ten statue weapon - Stone block. Magical construct - Lump of stone. Grapple tightrope/winch room - Broken climbing hook head, Meatcorn. Keystone bridge - Carved keystone.

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