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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Myhr Service Center for BASF payslip?

myHR Service Center. for Inquiries about your payslip or in using this website please contact us at. 1-800-432-9191. Monday to Friday. 8 am - 6 pm EST. or by email at. [email protected]

Where can I view my BASF pay statement?

An external portal for BASF employees to view their personal pay statements. The myHR Service Center is the face of Corporate HR Services to all employees. As your single point of contact, we aim to provide accurate answers, consistent and professional service, and timely resolution to your HR and pay-related inquiries and issues.

Is the BASF payslip extranet a secure site?

Yes. Payslip is a secure extranet site that has been developed and fully tested by BASF�s Information Services group. Payslip employs several security features including: • Independent security certificate (the small "padlock" icon that appears near the navigation bar)

Is the Human Resources Department at BASF good?

The Human Resources department at BASF also offers ideal working conditions for professionals. You will structure demanding HR topic areas and - depending upon your qualifications - will also have the opportunity to take on managerial responsibility.

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