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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I buy at Batteries Plus Bulbs?

Batteries Plus, now known as Batteries plus Bulbs, sells a wide variety of batteries and light bulbs at You can find batteries for cell phones, camcorders, notebooks, golf carts, video games, watches and many other purposes.

When to use batteries plus coupons and codes?

If your laptop, smartphone or car battery died suddenly, and you need a replacement fast, Batteries Plus is definitely the way to go. The shop offers every battery you could possibly need, and you'll even save by using Batteries Plus coupons or coupon code, getting you back up and running without hurting your budget.

Are there any rebates for lawn and Garden Batteries?

Mar-June $10 Duracell® Ultra Marine Battery Rebate Mar-June $5/$10 Duracell® Ultra Lawn & Garden Battery Rebate Mar-May Duracell Ultra & X2Power Powersport - $10 Batteries & $5 Chargers December - January $10 Duracell Ultra Auto Gold/Platinum AGM Batteries Mail In Rebate December - January $30 X2Power Automotive Batteries Mail In Rebate

Who is responsible for lost Batteries Plus Bulbs?

Batteries Plus and Batteries Plus Bulbs or its agents are not responsible for any lost, late, mutilated, postage due mail, or misdirected mail. Rebate offer not valid with any other Batteries Plus or Batteries Plus Bulbs promotions.

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