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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy batteries online?

Batteries Plus Bulbs is one of the largest battery retail brands in the United States that deals batteries, battery chargers and electronic parts. Consumers give positive reviews for the variety of batteries offered, the innovation in battery recycling and fast delivery. The online store offers exclusive discounts on all of the featured products.

Does Batteries Plus Bulbs offer rebates?

There are no active rebates. Check back again soon! Buying replacement batteries for your car, truck, boat, power tools, and small electronics doesn't have to be a challenge or break the bank. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we make it easy for you to get what you need at a great price.

Why choose betterbatteries plus for your business?

Batteries Plus can provide you with batteries to power UPS systems, laptops, scrubbers and more, plus a wide range of facility lighting options.

How many batteries are in Batteries Plus Bulbs?

More than 41,000 batteries, from the everyday to the hard-to-find. From the tiniest coin cell hearing aid battery to batteries that power farm equipment & semi trucks. Batteries that power your life at home, at work, at rest and at play. Batteries Plus Bulbs is your single-stop battery shop, so let’s find what you’re looking for.

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