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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get to the central junction box?

SOURCE: can't find central junction box Under the steering wheel are two plastic screws. Turn them one quarter turn counter-clockwise. Pul the panel away from the dashboard. And your there. Posted on Apr 25, 2009

What fuses should be checked in the BJB box?

Also, check fuses F1.6 (60 Amp), and fuse F1.62 (30 Amp) in BJB (Battery Junction Box). Also, check fuse F2.17 (15 Amp) and the "Accessory Delay Relay," both in the CJB (Central

Where is the battery junction box on a Ford E250?

Central Junction Box Below left side of I/P, near left kick panelFuse #4 under hood fuse box ( BJB ) battery junction box Read full answer Sep 20, 2015 • Ford E-250 Cars & Trucks

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