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Frequently Asked Questions

Which computer has the best battery life?

Apple MacBook Air is a best lightweight, slim and sleek laptop with best battery life up to 12 hours. It has Intel Core i5 (Broadwell) processor and Intel HD Graphics 6000 graphics.

How do I Check my battery life on my laptop?

The simplest way to check the estimated battery life on your laptop or tablet involves just clicking the battery icon in the notification area, which will display the percentage of battery-life remaining along with the estimated battery-backup time left, before the system shuts down or enters low-power mode.

How do you increase battery life?

One of the easiest ways to increase battery life is to turn down the brightness of your screen. Many of us never adjust the visual effects on our phone, leaving them at their maximum setting. When you factor in the number of times that you switch on the display during the day, you are wasting power that is better spent other ways.

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