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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy batteries in Massachusetts?

Batteries Plus Bulbs has numerous locations throughout the state of Massachusetts. Each store features thousands of unique battery and lighting products. Stop in and let our knowledgeable associates advise you on the best products for your home or business.

Why buy batteries at Auburn Massachusetts?

Convenience and the courtesies extended at the Auburn Massachusetts location keeps me coming back. Good customer service - answered questions and was very helpful. Excellent battery, good price, friendly service, and great availability. You make reliable batteries, that is why buy them.

Why buy batteries at Interstate Stores?

Convenient location/ Prompt and courteous service. Whether its a lawn mower, cell phone, or car, you always have the battery in stock. So I buy all my batteries from your store. Also, the batteries at the Interstate stores are fresher than those that sit on a shelf in a store for a while.

What services does Batteries Plus Bulbs offer in Massachusetts?

We also offer expert cell phone repair and car key replacement services. No matter what part of Massachusetts you live in, there's a Batteries Plus Bulbs close by. If you hail from the northeast part of the state, stop by our Saugus location. Do you live in the southeast section of the state?

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