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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose batteries Shack Battery store near me?

Because people come from all over Michigan to get the right batteries at Batteries Shack battery store around me, nothing sits on the shelf for too long. We rotate our inventory every six months – and sometimes even more frequently. Batteries near us For the same reason that our batteries are fresher, they’re also less expensive.

Where can I buy batteries for my Dog?

At Walmart or Costco the batteries have to share the floor with dog food and diapers, so the “Batteries” department can’t be too comprehensive.

Are your batteries made in the USA?

We only carry major brands of batteries, all made in the USA. On paper, they may look more expensive than the knock-offs, but in the long run, they are many times less expensive because they last longer and don’t damage your equipment (or cause you injury).

Why can’t I buy batteries online?

The biggest problem with trying to batteries online (particularly on Amazon or eBay) is you’re often sold a knock-off brand. Even if you try to avoid the inferior imitation brands, sometimes the seller will send you a knock-off anyway, hoping you won’t notice.

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