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Frequently Asked Questions

What can batterybar pro do for You?

Trigger alerts alerts with warning levels, and let power-saving features keep your system running. All this makes for a great value. BatteryBar Pro costs only $8 for a lifetime license. This application will only get better with time, so start enjoying its ease of use today.

How much does batterybar cost?

BatteryBar is available in a free version with a reduced feature set, but the full BatteryBar Pro is available in several inexpensive licensing options, each way cheaper than a new battery.

What is batterybar 33?

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of BatteryBar 3.3.3. The trial version's preferences window and low battery notification was disabled. BatteryBar is one of the most accurate battery meters available. BatteryBar is a battery status meter toolbar that displays the status of your battery in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

What is battery Pro application?

Perfect way to see battery status and remaining charge time on your main screen! Protect your battery from overcharging with Battery Pro application. This application notifies you when battery is fully charged. You can also select battery level and many customization.

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