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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Iran become the target of world powers?

But the story does more to explain the mindset of Iranians, who in a generation found themselves dragged from a nearly feudal, rural lifestyle into the modern era of cityscapes. As Persia formally became Iran, it became the target of world powers.

Who was the Prime Minister of Iran during the Islamic Revolution?

Pezeshkzad himself served as a cultural official in the Foreign Ministry under the shah. But soon, he would flee Tehran forever with the arrival of the Islamic Revolution, joining Iranian Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar in Paris and his National Resistance Movement of Iran.

When did Uncle Napoleon first air in Iran?

The travails of Uncle Napoleon, whose delusions have him seeing Britain's hand in the troubles plaguing his waning days of his aristocratic family during World War II, became one of the most-beloved television serials ever in Iran when it aired in 1976.

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