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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BBI connect?

Via BBI connect portal you can keep updated with the activities of other employees and communicate them online. This online communication eliminates the need of taking out time from your busy schedules to meet them while at work. Which Restaurants are Owned by BBI Connect?

What are the hours of operation at BBI?

Welcome to bbi... Your home for delicious sandwichs, wraps, salads & more. Serving breakfast & lunch daily Monday - Saturday from 8am - 3pm. Closed Sunday.

What are the benefits of a BBI portal?

These programs may include retirement programs, family benefits, future planning, bonuses, loans, career opportunities, leaves and other benefits. The personalized BBI portal enable the employees to keep p updated with their work schedules.

What credentials do I need to access BBI connect?

The credential include: Note: employee can ask for ID related credentials from the HR department. The ID may consist of a 5 digit number. BBI connect cannot be accessed without employ ID. If you are new to Bloomin Brands Inc. and do not have an account yet then you first need to register yourself at the BBI connect.

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