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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the north lacrosse program?

In its second year our North program offers Bergen county players top level lacrosse locally. Our program and level of talent continues to grow. Two years ago we split our program into high school and youth based teams.

What makes BBL different?

Based on two strong principles, our teams continue to flourish. The first is player development. We offer high level training at a level that no other travel club can offer. BBL initially started as year round training academy that offered skill instruction for some of the areas finest lacrosse players.

What is intro to lacrosse 1?

Intro to Lacrosse 1 combines a fun and upbeat atmosphere with teaching the foundations of the sport at the most basic level. This class is for any player interested in learning more about the sport and will focus on skills like hand eye coordination, movement patterns, and the fundamentals of using a lacrosse stick.

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