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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the BBL procedure give lasting results?

If you are wondering - How long does a BBL last? - you'll be pleased to learn that BBL results are extremely long-lasting. Thanks to the liposuction component of a BBL, extracted fat cells are gone for good, resulting in permanent fat reduction and a slimmer shape.

What to expect after BBL surgery?

Generally speaking you should expect some swelling of the area that had liposuction and some swelling of the buttocks. There may be mild bruising. It should not be extremely painful. Very sore but not extremely painful. You will need wear a compression garment for about 6 weeks.

How much for BBL surgery?

In our area, the cost for a BBL by a board certified plastic surgeon can range from $7000 to $9000 depending on how many areas need to be liposuctioned. This includes all fees except pain medicationd and antibiotics. Also this includes one garment and if you need more, they are $150. The preop blood work is also not included and it is about $50.

Is it possible to get a BBL under local anesthesia?

A BBL can absolutely be done under local anesthesia, the only real sticking point being how much pinchable, or excess, fat is available to harvest to implant into the buttocks and from where the fat can be harvested..

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