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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to blackboard at Arkansas State University?

Arkansas State University Students, Faculty and Staff, click the "Login to Blackboard" button below. Login to Blackboard +CHS Training Login +Guest Login Please enable JavaScript in your browser for the Blackboard application to function.

What is Blackboard Learn?

What is Blackboard Learn? Blackboard Learn is a Learning Management System (LMS) designed to enhance teaching and learning. It is an application for online teaching, learning, community building, and knowledge sharing. It enables instructors to build and customize course offerings.

What is on the updated blackboard login page?

The updated Blackboard login page integrates with the My.Astate portal using the University’s SSO system. What is on the updated Login page? Step 1: Click the Login to Blackboard button. Step 2: Enter your email address and password. Step 3: Authenticate using DUO.

How do new faculty members access training resources in Blackboard?

New faculty members should then be able to access some training resources and any class listed in Banner with them as the Instructor when they login to Blackboard. New staff members are not automatically added to any courses or organizations.

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