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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact UH support for BB learn?

UH Support for Bb Learn users is available to currently enrolled students, and active faculty and staff. Users may use any of these methods to contact Support. Only available to current UH students, faculty and staff Email to [email protected] 9 am to 4 pm Monday-Friday (except University holidays)

How do I know if my course is using BB learn?

Check with your instructor or check the Bb Learn Course Finder to see if your course uses Bb Learn. Bb Learn and myUH (PeopleSoft) are separate systems with different usernames and passwords.

Can I log in to BB learn from MyUH (PeopleSoft)?

However, you can log in at AccessUH to access both systems with a single log in. For supported browsers, see Browser Support for Q4 2016 Service Pack of Bb Learn. If you registered today in myUH (PeopleSoft), allow 12-24 hours to see your course in Bb Learn and another day to see the Bb Learn icon in AccessUH.

What is my Password on Uh cougarnet?

Your password is your CougarNet password. Find out more about UH CougarNet Accounts. CougarNet passwords expire every 180 days. Forgot your CougarNet password?

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