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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I provide transparent grading in bblearn?

Your syllabus and BbLearn course structure (including a transparent grading structure) should match. Use the Rubrics tool to provide transparent grading policies and expectations. Allow students to see their grades throughout the semester by utilizing the My Grades tool.

Can I have more than one email address with bblearn?

BbLearn allows just ONE email address. Users with more than one UI email address will find that BbLearn uses their primary email address for all correspondence. Contact the ITS Student Technology Center ([email protected], 208-885-4357) or your ITS Technology Solutions Partners (TSP) to have your primary email designation switched.

How do I Reset my bblearn user account password?

Go to the ITS Account Management to reset your UI Account password. After changing your password, it takes at least 5 minutes and can be up to 10 minutes before the new password fully works. BbLearn allows just ONE email address.

Why can't I login to bblearn from the Moscow campus?

If you see an error message similar to "Site can't be reached", "Secure Connection Failed", "Page cannot be opened" when trying to login, you are probably trying to connect using AirVandalGuest. You must be connected using AirVandalGold to login successfully to BbLearn from the Moscow campus via a wireless device.

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