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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wagon to take to the beach?

If you're bringing little ones to the beach with you, the Collapsible Wagon from L.L. Bean is a great way to haul all their stuff. This full-sized wagon features a durable 600D polyester canopy and is made from a steel frame.

What kind of wood are cartwheels Beach wagons made of?

All Cartwheels Beach Wagons are made of native hickory, a hardwood indigenous only to the U.S., every detail of our Beach Wagons are extraordinary in quality and design. Our Cartwheels Beach Wagons are the best for hauling the kids and are designed so they can be handed down from one generation to another and are indeed the "Worlds Coolest Wagons"

How big is a MAC sports beach wagon?

The folding beach wagon from MAC Sports is not as bulky as many would expect, and it folds up smoothly into a 9.7-inch package for easy storage in the trunk of your vehicle.

What is the purpose of a beach cart?

The main purpose of a beach wagon is to transport equipment, people and food over rough terrain. Some of these carts will fold and collapse while the heavier duty wood beach wagons will not. Depending on your needs and vehicle types you’ll need to weigh the advantages of a lighter folding model, versus a heavier-duty and heavy wagon.

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