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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the company that supports Beachboard sytem?

D2L (Desire 2 Learn) is the company that develops and supports the BeachBoard sytem, a custom version of their "Brightspace" platform (keep this in mind if you access D2L's support site). Academic Technology Service supports CSULB faculty and students to use the tools and features available on BeachBoard.

Why do we want to be Beachboard nation?

BeachBoard Nation is committed to living life to its fullest and turning each day into a mini-adventure. It doesn’t matter how you use your BeachBoard as long as you’re riding it. Just climbing aboard is inviting a new experience. We’re also united in our compassion for our fellow beachgoers and our desire to keep our beaches and oceans clean.

What makes a Beachboard good for the beach?

The BeachBoard has a strong carrying capacity that will exceed your needs. It’s durable. The heavy-duty suspension system and oversize tires optimize clearance and stability on any beach-like terrain. IT’S SO EASY TO USE AND QUIET.

Which is the best tool for Beachboard instructors?

Kaltura Capture is a tool available through BeachBoard Media that provides an easy method of creating your own videos, presentations and podcasts. Everything captured is uploaded to your BeachBoard Media Library and available for you to share with your students.

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