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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the BOD Shakeology Challenge Pack created?

That’s why we created a Challenge Pack custom-designed to support your #mbf and #mbfa workouts, and give you tools to help you perform at your best and reach your goals even faster. Super Trainer Megan Davies created #mbf and #mbfa as two 3-week strength-training and cardio programs designed to be done back-to-back.

Why do you need a daily Shakeology pack?

Your daily Shakeology helps you get the nutrition you need for a lean, strong body with #mbf and #mbfa. It’s more than just healthy essential nutrition that tastes like dessert.

What's the difference between MBFA and BOD Shakeology?

With #mbf and #mbfa, nutrition and fitness are the unbeatable combo. #mbf is an intense 3-week sprint that will consume a ton of calories and energy. If you want seriously good results and to get strong for #mbfa, you have to fuel your body every day. Our products have been used by millions to help people reach their goals.

Which is the best fitness program for Beachbody?

Get access to #mbf and #mbfa, plus hundreds of other world-class Beachbody workouts from fitness programs including Barre Blend, Morning Meltdown 100, 21 Day Fix, and LIIFT4. Stream the workouts from nearly any laptop, tablet, smartphone, or TV. Keep your nutrition fired up.

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