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Frequently Asked Questions

What is testing blood glucose at the bedside?

What is Testing Blood Glucose at the Bedside? › Nurse-directed point of care (POC) blood glucose (BG) testing refers to the process of obtaining a capillary blood specimen and using a portable BG meter, commonly called a glucometer or glucose meter, at the bedside to evaluate the specimen glucose concentration.

What should blood sugar be at Bedtime?

Doctors at Joslin Diabetes Center recommend that your blood glucose reading at bedtime should be at least 140 mg/dl. If you are wearing an insulin pump, and you feel you might be at some risk of low overnight readings, then adjust the pump to deliver less basal insulin though the night.

What to do if your blood sugar is too low?

Change your diet. Avoid sugary foods, and eat frequent small meals during the day. If you get low blood sugar when you haven't eaten, have a snack before bedtime, such as a protein or a more complex carbohydrate. Your doctor may find that you take too much insulin that peaks toward the evening-to-morning hours.

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