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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a wall mounted bedside light work?

Wall-mounted bedside lights are typically hard-wired, which means they need to be connected to electrical wires inside your wall to operate. This process requires you to drill into the wall carefully and fasten the light to a wire that connects to a light switch.

What kind of lamp can I Hang On my Wall?

If there are no outlets where you want your new lamp and you don't want to re-wire your walls, these battery-powered lamps are perfect for you. They are essentially mounted mason jars with LED fairy lights, but you can hang them pretty much anywhere for a little extra light.

What kind of lamp is best for bedroom?

Pauwer's wall lamps feature a stylish black metal design and contrasting beige, white, or coffee-colored shade that would look great in a bedroom or study. The shade dissipates light in all directions and the swing arm allows for 270 degrees of adjustment so you can easily move the light source around.

Do you need a lamp for your living room?

If you like your rooms bright or prefer to set the mood with some dimmed lighting, you can be served well with some good wall lamps. Whether you're wanting to set up some wall sconces beside your bed for reading at night or you want to brighten up your living room or office space, this selection of wall lamps has something for you.

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