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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of light bulbs are available at Dunelm?

Colour is vitally important so we offer LED bulbs in a range of options including warm white, daylight, cool white and more. If you have a smart device at home then you might want to take advantage of our new range of smart bulbs available at Dunelm.

What kind of lamp is best for bedside table?

Trends this season include industrial style exposed light bulbs, sleek table lights and quirky lamps- such as a animal, crackle glass and copper styles. Whether you’re looking for pewter or retro styles, our lamps at your bedside or as a corner add-on can quickly amp up your room.

Can a touch lamp be used in a bedroom?

Available in a vast array of colours, your decor will welcome this elegant and practical new addition. Suited perfectly well to living room use as they would in the bedroom, our touch lamps offer a convenient way to create soft light in any room.

Do you need a desk lamp for your desk?

One of our desk lamps is an essential addition to your desk to find so you can really focus on your work - and you're in the right place for a great selection of designs. You might consider an option with a long, flexible neck as opposed to just an adjustable head, so you've got more flexibility and can direct light exactly where you need it.

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