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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper height for a bedside lamp?

William Miller Design suggests that if your nightstand stands 24 to 30 inches tall, choose a bedside lamp at least 27 to 32 inches tall. Nightstands around 18 to 20 inches require a taller lamp to compensate.

What height should living room lamps be?

Height – Most living room sizes can have table lamps that are 26 to 34 inches tall. When sitting, to get the best use of your table lamp and its light source; the bottom of the shade should be right at eye level as well.

How tall should bedroom lamps be compared to a headboard?

The top of the lamps should be about 58 or 59" inches from the floor, so if your nightstands are around 28" tall, the lamps should be about 31" tall. It's fine if the lamps are shorter than the headboard as in Carolyn's tall headboard example or taller than the headboard like this pic.

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