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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bedside manner in nursing?

Simply put, bedside manner is the way in which nurses or other medical professionals interact and communicate with their patients. A nurse with a good bedside manner will have a strong and caring connection with all of his or her patients.

Why is good bedside manner important in healthcare?

How physicians, nurses, social workers and even housekeeping approach patients and their families can directly affect the overall experience for patients and their willingness to learn. With good bedside manner, providers are ultimately able to improve communication and reduce errors.

What is a good sentence for bedside manner?

Examples of bedside manner in a Sentence. A number of patients have complained about the doctor's impersonal bedside manner. a nurse with a warm bedside manner. Recent Examples on the Web. There are times where my bedside manner hasn’t been the best.

Should nursing schools teach bedside manner in nursing school?

Yes, according to the experts, and it should be covered alongside traditional bedside manner techniques in medical and nursing schools. Deborah Swanson is a Coordinator for the Real Caregivers Program at, a site dedicated to celebrating medical professionals and their journeys.

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