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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good bedside manner?

A physician with good bedside manner will not just understand what a patient is experiencing, but they will also acknowledge and validate the patient’s concerns. “If the patient starts to cry or express uncomfortable emotions, stay with them.

How important is bedside manner in healthcare?

Good bedside manner can make or break a patient interaction, either encouraging an honest discussion or putting off the patient.

What is bedside manner curriculum?

Bedside manner curriculum is now starting to focus more and more on other channels to introduce students to real-life scenarios earlier. For example, students at URMC are trained in “mindfulness” — the center’s answer to the multitasking debate — through good mentoring.

How do medical students train for bedside manner?

Some health care professors are working bedside manner training into students’ curriculum through volunteering and mentorship. Second-year medical students at Florida International University in Miami are encouraged to go out into the community and help local families in order to help them interact with real patients sooner.

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